Choosing The Right Foundation

Skin Care

The current make up trend that the world is embracing nowadays is the no makeup makeup look, that is an overall coverage by a moisture based foundation and minimal makeup. But choosing the right foundation for the skin type, is tricky and not always that easy. There’s a lot of skin types: oily, dry and acne prone being the most popular types and to compete with there is a loet of foundation types as well: full coverage, high end drugstore to dewy finish. The minefield makes it very difficult to choose.

So, here’s listing some of the best foundations which made it’s way to the headlines this year.

  • L’Oréal Paris: If you have a oily skin and if you are famous among your friends for that embarrassing 3am shine, then do opt for the L’Oréal Paris 24 hour Matte. The product is an excellent cream to powder liquid, that actually is a treat for users having oily skin. The product when used on face dries down to a matte finish without looking much cakey or heavy, be it summer or winter.
  • Bobby Brown Foundation: If you have oily skin and you are sick and tired of your foundation melting at 3pm everyday? Bobby Brown Foundation is here then for your rescue. This gel based foundation, keeps the base foundation intact for 12 hours and gives you the confidence to plough through your everyday activities without the need to touch your face even once for 12 hours.
  • Chanel’s Healthy Glow Foundation: Having a problem with blotchy foundation, time to change your foundation and invest into a foundation that actually blends flawlessly in the skin. The foundation has been the talk of the town for the minimalist and a very quick application of the foundation after regular cleansing your skin gives you the required moisturizing and the cover that remains from day to night.
  • Bye Bye Foundation: Bye Bye Foundation review is not at all easy because it is not only a full coverage moisturizer as it’s makers claim but also it is a skin care product which contains SPF 50 and seven fermented ingredients that actually takes care of the skin. It protects the skin from ageing and wrinkles from the very first use. This foundation is agreeable with all sorts of skin type and does not give the heavy and cakey feeling all day long. The clear winner.