Most Popular Plastic Surgeries among Celebrities

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Looks may not be everything for regular people, but they are definitely the top priority for celebrities. This is probably because they are in the spotlight almost all the time and they want to look perfect. If they don’t, they are heavily criticized for their flaws and that’s something they want to avoid. The problem is that nobody is born perfect; someone has a flat chest or they are getting wrinkles. Imagine the horror! Plastic surgery is a blessing for celebrities to help them in righting the wrongs nature or the world has done to them. There are different types of surgeries that can be done, but some are preferred by a majority of celebrities. Some of the most popular plastic surgeries amongst celebrities are:

Breast Augmentation

You have to have an impressive cleavage for pulling off designer dresses and that’s probably why most celebrities decide to give their breasts a boost. The procedure allows you to give your breast an upgrade. Breast augmentation is designed to make the breasts appear fuller, younger and higher. Several celebrities including Beyonce have gone through breast implants.

Botox Injections

Botox treatment is quite popular and has been around for a while now. It is designed to ensure your skin looks tighter and doesn’t have a lot of wrinkles. Celebrities obviously don’t want the camera to catch any wrinkles that may have just started to appear due to age.

Face Lift

Not everyone is lucky enough to age gracefully and this is why face lift is one of the most popular plastic surgeries that celebrities undergo. Sagging skin, wrinkles and looking your actual age or even greater that your age can be deadly for your career as a celebrity and you need a face lift to stay in the business and snag a role.

Nose Job

There are a lot of celebrities who have paid good money for getting a perfect and brand new nose whereas some have chosen to get small and barely noticeable changes done to their nose to escape the sharp eyes of the all-seeing press.

Lip Augmentation

Lush and full lips are a must-have and celebrities know this better than anyone. A little bit of augmentation here and a little there will make your lips ready for the red-carpet. Depending on the lips they already have, some celebrities decide to go a bit extreme while others only make subtle and slight changes.

Chin/Cheek Implants

It has never been easier to have those royal and gorgeous cheek bones that you have admired on others with cheek implants. Likewise, you can also have that masculine and strong chin you have envied. Even the most gifted celebrities have gotten a little bit of these implants for the desired look.


Celebrities can look their best with a daily exercise routine and a personal trainer, but the only way to eliminate stubborn fat is with liposuction. It is one of the most popular plastic surgeries amongst celebrities, even if they won’t admit to the procedure. The doctor’s hands and a suction tool is all they need for a flat tummy or a gorgeous butt.