Why do Rehabs Fail?


Addiction is categorized as a chronic disease of the brain, meaning that a person suffering from addiction can’t just take a pill and magically get better. There is no automatic cure for it, and it’s important to remember this.

Unfortunately, far too many people have unrealistic expectations for rehab facilities. They expect their loved ones to go in battling addiction and to come out completely free of their dependence on drugs and alcohol. It doesn’t work this way.

A majority of people will go through the treatment process more than once, because of the way that addiction is set off by daily activities. All it takes is one stressful situation for a person to experience a relapse, and to end up using again.

Addiction is a product of both physical and mental factors that lead to uncontrolled drug use. When all of these factors aren’t treated, it’s far too easy for the person to fall back into destructive habits.

You Can’t Force Sobriety

A lot of people in active addiction don’t want to give up their drug use. They may argue with friends and family who asked them to get help, and even go as far as to deny having a problem.

It’s impossible to make somebody who doesn’t want to stop using drugs or alcohol get sober. If they don’t think that this is a problem for them, then they don’t see any reason to stop using altogether.

When somebody doesn’t want to get help, you need to learn more about what you can do to persuade them or to get help for yourself. Addiction is a disease that impacts everyone around the person who’s actually using drugs; this could be the friends, family, children, and even professional associates of the one who has become dependent on chemicals to get them through the day.

Everyone will need to get some sort of therapy in order to get past the situation. Without this, a lot of people can be left with unanswered questions and unrequited anger or feelings of resentment. If all of this doesn’t get out in the open, then there’s no way to ever heal from addiction.

The truth is that you can’t force sobriety on anyone. If a person wants to use drugs or alcohol, they’ll find a way to get access to the substances. The only way that a person can eventually get help is if they actually want to stop using.

The Program isn’t Well-Planned

Not every rehab can provide a quality program; some of them try to use a cookie-cutter treatment plan that doesn’t work for everyone. No two people develop an addiction for the same reason, and it’s this that makes an individualized treatment program so important.

When working with a high-quality rehab, they’ll have a variety of different programs and treatment approaches that will be designed to reach the individual on their level. If the treatment program is poorly planned or not well developed, then you’re not going to have a successful facility.

These programs can cost thousands of dollars and it’s important that you don’t waste your money on something that isn’t worth every penny. Always check the reviews of a facility and their qualifications before committing to any type of treatment.

There have also been reports of facilities that fake a lot of their treatment options and will use people suffering from addiction as a way to make money instead of offering them real help. This is another reason why it’s so important to check the background of every facility prior to authorizing any payment to a program. Not all rehabs are created equal, and we all want the very best ones for ourselves and for the people we care about.

The Addict isn’t Ready to Accept Help

Again, if a person isn’t ready to get help then even the best treatment program won’t make a difference. An addict may feel pressured because they’re dealing with legal issues or they’ve gone through an intervention and they feel that they don’t have any other option but to go to rehab. In these instances, they may try to satisfy the authority figures without actually committing to the treatment process.

Many times, an intervention can really get through to an addict and help them to see themselves through the eyes of other people. Unfortunately, there are also times when an addict will use this as an opportunity to placate their friends and family members in order to keep using at a later date. This is when a person really doesn’t think that they have a problem, and they don’t believe that drugs and alcohol are having a negative impact on their life.

Unless a person is truly dedicated to living a sober lifestyle, then you can’t expect them to benefit from any type of treatment program.

Relapse is a Natural Part of Recovery

It’s important to remember that relapsing is a natural part of the recovery process. When a person gets out of rehab, they may not have all of the coping skills they need to deal with their everyday lives. Or, they could find themselves in a stressful situation that they don’t feel prepared for. In these instances, they may reach for drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with things.

When a person really wants help, they’ll let their therapist or loved ones know that they’ve experienced a relapse. They’ll ask for help, and they’ll continue to go to therapy to try and stop it from happening again.

These people haven’t failed in treatment; they’ve simply experienced a normal setback. It’s when they try to hide the behavior that it becomes a problem.

The Lack of a Good Support System

One of the most important things a person can have when trying to stop using drugs or alcohol is a good support system. This needs to be made up of treatment professionals and the friends and family members that want them to get better. Without this, we see far too many people go back to a lifestyle that was slowly destroying them.

Just remember: there is hope of recovery, and that a good rehab can be the difference between sobriety and active addiction.