Top 7 Things to Drop if You Want to Succeed in Self-Improvement


Ever wondered why you are not content as you wish to be in your career, marriage, relationship or personal-wise? Ever considered the concept of self-improvement? Self-improvement could be your answer to this question. Self-improvement is motivational not only for every human being, but also for apparel brands. Such brand is Practice-U. You can check their website here. A good life starts from within, and it’s mainly shaped by your everyday actions, reactions, and perceptions. Everybody has certain habits that impede their journey to become better people. Herein are some of the top seven habits that once dropped could usher the beginning of a more fulfilling, fruitful, and most importantly a happy life.

  1. Waking up Late

There must be a reason why several adages emphasize on waking up early. Even so, most successful individuals all claim to be early risers. This habit gives them an advantage over those who wake up later in the day. Hence, try waking up earlier than you are used to, and use that spare time productively, for instance, you could thoroughly prepare for your day at work or engage in a short cardio exercise.

  1. Eating Junk/Unhealthy Foods

“You are what you eat” goes beyond a simple saying to get you to eat healthily. Avoid selecting what to eat in terms of taste but instead, focus on your food’s nutritional value and energy content. As much as junk foods look superbly delicious, keep them off your menu to avoid poor diet complications like high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity.

  1. Lack of Physical Exercise

Exercising is not a cup of coffee for most people, but it is undeniably an essential part of self-improvement. Aside from helping you maintain an admirable physique or curves if you are a woman, it will help you boost your health, immune system and strength. Also, exercising regularly keeps you in tip-top mental shape, which eventually aids in making you a better person.

  1. Trying to be Someone Else

Admiring another person’s accomplishments is okay. However, do not take it any further than that, to the point that you want to be exactly like them. Appreciate your small accomplishments and yearn to do better in life by learning from your role models. Be you and accept who you are regardless of the circumstances.

  1. Sticking to your Comfort Zone

What you know or think you do is not enough for self-improvement. Learning is an everyday process. Hence, take lessons for a new language, try cooking new meals, learn how to code, interact with new people, or even go to new places. Aside from getting you out of your comfort zone, new activities will give your unique experiences and make you a better, all-around individual.

  1. Being a Workaholic

Self-improvement is all about enjoying your life, and being more productive. Working all the time is counterproductive and can ultimately make you unsuccessful. You need to take a break from your daily grind. Use your time to travel, meet new people, spend time with your family and friends or enjoy new experiences. Once your break is over, you will be more driven, happy and recharged.

  1. Failing to Address your Fears

Fear makes you human, but it can be a great impediment to your success. Go for what you desire and if you fail, try again. The only difference is that the next time you do it; you will be more confident and aware of your abilities than the previous time.

Changing your life by adopting a new behaviour pattern can be a daunting task. However, keep in mind that self-improvement is a process. As such, work on getting rid of the above habits one day at a time.