Respite Care, Is it a Good Decision?


Caring for an elderly loved one, may it be a parent or grandparent is satisfying and gratifying knowing that they are in good hands and well-taken care. However, it can also be tiring, exhausting and stressful. Seniors who often need caregivers have more than one illness, the most common of which is Alzheimer’s. Most also become physically incapable of doing necessary actions like walking, standing, eating, etc. Whether you are the caregiver or it is someone you hire, you would come to a point where you need a break, or you need to attend to some important matters, and you will need a substitute. If there’s none, the typical solution is respite care. Respite care Houston offers a community where the elderly can live and blend while being well-taken care of with all their needs. It is human nature though to be naturally curious and at times fearful whether putting your loved one in respite care for a few weeks is a good idea. The bottom line is, it could be good or bad. There is no assurance, but there are some advantages you might want to consider when planning whether to put your loved one in respite care or not.

Giving Yourself a Break

No matter how loving and dedicated you are as a caregiver; you will come to a point where you need to take a break. Having to do the same routine every day will cause burnout after some time. Having to care for someone with special needs can be tiring to the body as well as your mental and emotional well-being. If you are feeling these, do not feel guilty. It is normal, you are human, not a perfect machine. Give yourself a break for a few weeks. Catch up with your friends, run errands, go on a vacation or relax. You deserve it. It will also help you feel refreshed and more energised when your patient is back. You will see the difference in how you handle things now and before when you were exhausted. The only challenge is on how receptive your elderly patient will be.

Giving Your Loved One a Break

Sometimes, being with the same person every single day is fatiguing. It also stresses the patient. There are times when they get tired of the same dull routine every day. At times, they could also feel sad or deprived of the real world. They might even feel helpless and would start becoming depressed. Putting them in respite care for a few weeks will give them the opportunity to get involved with their community again and to experience living with other seniors. Giving them this chance is a way of helping them cope up with their conditions. It could even improve their health especially if they start enjoying being in respite care. And do not worry about their needs, all you have to make sure is to put them in constant respite care so you will be at ease. While it is true that not all respite care have the same service, there are many which indeed offers good and quality service.