How Alcoholism Impact Kids



Alcoholism is a state when a person is addicted to alcohol to such an extent that he would require medical help if he wants to get rid of this addiction. Gone are the days when alcoholism was associated with older men. There have been multiple cases of alcoholism found amongst the kids and sham children. Alcoholism is mostly associated with bad company. Many drug peddlers often target school going kids to trap them and make them addicted to drugs and alcohol.

What to Expect in Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehabilitation centre undertakes a process where the patient is fist detoxified in a medicinal setup. Once a patient has successfully attended above process, he is then allowed to move into social environment. The patient is given treatment at every stage with the help of various behavioral therapy, and emotional support to help them recover at a faster pace. Group activities, group lectures and sessions and common meals session will also help the patient to discuss his personal problems with his new friends and will understand the consequences of alcoholism. Click on to get complete details.

Types of Treatment

  • Outpatient – In this type of treatment, the patient is allowed to stay back at his home and make efforts to recover from his addiction. This treatment is best suitable for the kids who are on the initial stage of alcohol addiction. In this the patient needs to go for regular checkups and take regular medications as prescribed by the doctors. The patient is allowed to attend his school and after school programs like he used to do earlier.
  • Inpatient – This treatment needs the patient to stay within the medicinal facility only. He will be under constant observation and medication. The doctors and nurses will be available anytime for the patient in case of any emergency. This treatment is suitable for the kids who have a serious addiction of alcohol. This method ensures that the patient recovers from his addiction with the help of constant medical supervision.
  • Luxury – This is the most expensive treatment as compared to the above two mentioned. In this treatment the patient is given individual medical assistance and is kept at a place with latest facilities and amenities. They will be individually given sessions for meditation and yoga. Skiing and horse riding activities are undertaken for the patients in order to help them cope up with such alcoholism.

Process of Treatment

  • Intake of Patient – The patient is taken into medicinal custody. An interview session has been conducted to understand the addiction history, dependence on addiction, personal problems, etc.
  • Detoxification – The next process starts soon once the details of patient has been collected and studied by the doctors. This process is conducted under clinical supervision to control any risks. The patient is given medicines and his withdrawal process soon starts.
  • 2-12 Hours – Withdrawal process begins now. Patient can experience headache, vomits, nausea, severe sweating and shaking, etc.
  • 24-48 Hours – By this time the symptoms starts worsening. The patient can experience seizures, tremors. Hallucinations, aggressiveness, etc.
  • 48 Hours Onwards – In most of the cases the symptoms starts to settle down. Whereas in some the situation get worse. Special medical help is required in these cases


Most of the patients are ready to leave the detox rehab with a week and they can lead a sober life. Whereas some need special medicinal care for a longer time. Parents and school authorities should be very careful in identifying such addicted students and should immediately send them for rehab and detoxification.