Helpful Information About Walk-in Clinics


Walk-in clinics provide quality healthcare that is convenient, affordable and fast. These clinics are staffed by physician assistants, nurse practitioners and are often set up near or inside a pharmacy. These facilities diagnose and prescribe medications that treat a variety of health concerns such as colds, flu, allergies and strep throat. Walk in clinics Ocean City MD has quality healthcare services.

Services of some walk-in clinics

Other services that some clinics provide are vaccinations and preventative care such as medical tests and school physicals. 

• What many like about walk-in clinics are that they offer longer hours and are open seven days a week. 

  • Most importantly, walk-in clinics can see patients when their doctor’s office is closed or if they can’t wait for an appointment.

  • Keep in mind; if your health concern is not life-threatening, a walk-in clinic is less expensive compared to a doctor visit.

    Walk-in clinic benefits

    Most importantly, walk in clinics provide many benefits, benefits that sometimes exceed doctor appointments. Some of the benefits are onsite lab services such as EKGs, x-rays and blood work. In addition, walk-in clinics also offer extended hours. Most walk-in clinics offer hours that often go beyond seven at night and are open all year round. 

    Other benefits

    In addition, walk-in clinics often save patients money; sometimes you can save at least 50 percent of what it would cost you at a doctor visit.

    • With these benefits, it is clear to see why many patients prefer these clinics. 

  • In addition, most urgent care clinics accept a variety of health insurance plans.

    Limitations of walk-in clinics

    Even though there are many benefits of walk-in clinics, there are limitations such as not being able to take care of certain injuries and illnesses such as severe trauma or life-threatening illnesses. For more information on walk-in clinics, check out this link.

    Tips that may help

    Before you make an appointment with an urgent care clinic, there are several tips that may make your visit worthwhile such as being ready to talk about your medical history, knowing the names of your medications and mentioning any recent surgeries or illnesses.

    Before you leave…

    It is also important to know the answers to questions that may be asked of you such as the symptoms you are having at the time and being able to describe your problem in detail. If you are having pain, use words that describe the pain such as stabbing, tender or aching. Be sure to also state how long you have had the symptoms. Also, before you leave be sure to ask several questions of the healthcare provider such as what is the diagnosis? 

    • Or, when should I expect to feel better? 

  • Or, can you go over the medication again before I go? 

  • Do you have a printout I could take home for care instructions? 

    To conclude, walk-in clinics provide quality healthcare that is convenient, affordable, fast and effective. Find a clinic near you and enjoy the many benefits they offer!