As Differentiator Indian Surgeons are Skilled in the Artistic Hair Transplant Procedure


Nowadays, the cosmetic surgery is blooming all over the world with the innovative technology, technique, and tools, but it’s all would be a myth if the role of a Surgeon is ignored. However, it is important to get an evaluation of your medical condition if you wish to receive the surgery, especially the hair transplant procedure. Yes, it is a well-known fact that India plays a major role in the cosmetic surgery industry by providing the best clinic facilities, expert surgeons and Doctor availability, affordable hair transplant cost, and the last, but not least, the standard hygienic parameters that match the UK-standard. So, it is always advisable to receive the procedure in India with the expert hair transplant Surgeon.

How the Role of a Hair Transplant Surgeon could be judged is best explained below:

  • The Artistic Skill of the Surgeon: The artistic skill is what that confirms the angle and direction of the placed roots not just by the process of implantation, but also by the slit making and the hairline design step that is performed by the expert hair transplant surgeon. The artistic skills are best defined by the placement of the right graft at the right place, which is decided by the area where it has to be placed. The top area of the scalp should be covered by the slim grafts, whereas the mid-crown area of the scalp needs chubby grafts in order to show the positive results of the procedure. The proficiency in artistic skill cannot come in a day or month as it needs a number of years’ experience that makes a surgeon précised in the artistic job of the surgery.
  • The Designing of Hairline: The hairline design must follow the pattern of the natural shifting that opts the irregular or zigzag pattern in order to show the utmost aesthetic outcome. The hairline design should be done as according to the patient’s age, sex, facial profile, and the style that confirms an undetectable hair transplant surgery result. The designing of the hairline is like a painting job and needs an artistic precision from the surgeon’s side.
  • The Slit making Job: The slit making job or recipient site creation is the part of the artistic job that creates the site for the placement of the graft. However, the slit job exact follow the pattern of the place where it is needed to cover the area with a particular angle and the direction. The irregular pattern of the planted graft gives the normal and the natural result of the restoration procedure.
  • The implantation job of the Procedure: The hair roots that are extracted from the safe donor part of the scalp are later placed into the recipient balding area. The process of implantation is a manual job that needs an extreme artistic sense and aesthetic understanding to show a very best result of the restoration procedure. The implanted roots adapt to those directions where slitting has done so it is a dual concerning job on the surgery that both the slit making and implantation follow the same principle of an irregular pattern of hair shifting.


The Surgeon’s role in the procedure is rated on the top concern if one’s wishes to get the best natural outcome of the procedure. The hair transplant artistic skills and precision differentiate a surgeon from other and weigh a topmost concerning aspect in choosing the hair transplant surgery.