Willful Physical fitness Tracker

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Willful physical fitness tracker can be a smart hand wearable diamond fitness tracker which can be manufactured and also marketed simply by famous brand name WillfulDirect. Willful physical fitness tracker is constructed of Soft TPU strap and its particular very light-weight watch in which feels light on your own wrist. Fit for each and every man, girl even youngster. Willful physical fitness tracker features a Powerful Action Tracker. This observe features the modern 6 axis G-sensor. Willful physical fitness tracker can easily track, out of doors sports(just like running, cycle, walking, going swimming), inside sports(just like Jumping piece of string, Jumping Jack, Sit-up, Fitness treadmill machine) Willful physical fitness tracker rely steps, length, calories burned along with your sleep top quality. Enable related GPS to be able to map the routes to see run numbers like rate, heat and also duration about display (as soon as your phone will be nearby).

Another intriguing feature with this product it could management of one’s sleep. This kind of tracker can easily track the sleeping moment, even just how deep an individual sleep. Willful physical fitness tracker provides more sensible functions just like Anti misplaced; Music handle, remote photographic camera control, video handy remote control, Call, TXT, Facebook, Twitting, Line, Skype, whats iphone app notification, Alarm clock, Sedentary point out to, Gesture sensor, auto start the display screen, Sports setting goals.

Another intelligent feature with this fitness tracker can it be can control your slumber. This tracker can easily collect the sleep data while sleeping like slumber time, heartrate during slumber time, even just how deep can be your sleep.

This tracker will be waterproof that’s why it could track going swimming record. Additionally, Willful tracker provides ride function. Willful physical fitness tracker features a 0. 96 ” OLED touchscreen display display which demonstrates to you exact moment and correct data. Willful tracker provides lithium-ion plastic rechargeable battery power that holders by around 7 nights. This battery has a very short amount of time to help make battery total via UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS port.. Willful physical fitness tracker works with Android os (needs to be 4. some or previously mentioned) and also iOS 7 or perhaps upper. This tracker works together Bluetooth some. 0 or perhaps upper. You must download IPHONE APP by deciphering the QR Code inside the manual.

The tracker will be connectable with cell phone. It works with Android os (needs to be 4. 3 or perhaps upper) and also iOS 8 or perhaps above. This physical fitness tracker perfectly works together Bluetooth some or higher. iWOWN i5 additionally smart physical fitness tracker is waterproof for typical use. Nonetheless it recommended to adopt off the fitness tracker once you take the bath and also swimming. In addition iWOWNi5 additionally smart physical fitness tracker can be a well-known physical fitness tracker which usually already well-known